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The Therapist

The Therapist

Alida Fenton, LMT has been a practicing massage therapist for over twenty years in the Hudson Valley. Her years of experience, including medical massage with a local chiropractor, have provided her with a diversified approach.

Alida is continuously improving her skills and techniques through course work and collaborative study with her professional peers.

She frequently focuses on courses including, yet not limited to: nutrition and its healing powers, Lyme disease and the benefits of massage, relief from Fibromyalgia, Chronic and Acute Pain Relief, and a variety of hands on courses which focus on new methods of massage.

Alida believes that our environment, from her offices located in her home to the planet around her, is crucial to the healing process. Focusing on the peacefulness of the Hudson Valley, Alida has graciously opened her home and its idyllic location to her private clients. Her home and office include nine tranquil acres, views of the majestic Catskill Mountains, and a private Cull-de-Sac, thus eliminating all noise pollution. It is often compared to a retreat with all of its amenities.

Alida enjoys the time she spends with her family; including her husband, son and dog Jessa with whom she shares a love of nature. They participate in a variety of activities such as hiking, biking, skiing, cooking, and enjoying their garden. Jessa is currently training to be a service dog and will affectionately and enthusiastically greet all of her clients.

Alida truly believes in the healing power of massage and is passionate about enriching her clients' lives through her chosen profession. Let her help you find a pain free, peaceful life by scheduling an appointment.